Many individuals have taken advantage of today’s embroidery technology to create home businesses. This is only possible because we have technology that greatly reduce the time it takes to embroider. In addition, you can find lots of designs online and purchase them right from your computer! The only time you’ll need to leave the house is when you need to buy supplies.

home embroidery businessA home embroidery business is a creative outlet and a fun way to make money, especially if you are retired, must or just want to stay at home.

There are lots of perks about running embroidery services at home:

  • You can set your own hours
  • You decide how much you spend
  • You set your own prices
  • You can expand your business and hire assistants or keep it small

Starting a new Embroidery Business is exciting but also can be a little overwhelming. There is so much to learn first, so much to do, plan and prepare for before you can start thinking about having customers.

The very first step in planning for your new embroidery business is creating a Business Plan! It is the essential first step on your road to growth and success. The main purpose of writing a business plan is to give you a clear direction and guidance of how you intend to run your embroidery business and plan for future growth. With this plan you will be able to analyze and measure each step along the way to ensure that you are truly on the right path.

Writing a business plan is not as tough as it seems, the hardest part is getting started and knowing where to start. Many business plans look great on paper, but make sure as you are writing your business plan, that it will work for you in the real world!

Creating a formal business plan takes may hours of work, but the end result is very rewarding and a real eye opener. With the proper projections you can foresee trouble spots and pro-act instead of reacting to obstacles that may be put in your path.

It can be a simple 5-10 page plan that will work for most small to medium sized embroidery businesses or as complex as your want it to be. This all depends on your situation. Just make sure that it is real!! If you plan on obtaining any type of financing you will be required to have a business plan.

If you are thinking of starting your home embroidery business you might find this course very helpful.