Embroidery digitizing is the practice of taking an existing artwork like any logo and converting it into a stitch file format that an embroidery machine can recognize, understand and sew on any piece of material. So before any design can be embroidered onto any material, it must be digitized first.

Embroidery Digitizing is the next step up

embroidery digitizingFor as long as possible it is all right to just use the existing design files that you can find on the internet both free and paid ones. But sooner or later you will be faced with the act that if you want to have your unique image embroider onto a piece of material you have to digitize first.

Before you start thinking about digitizing images for you to embroider, you must first be a master at embroidery itself. You can find computer programs that enable you to digitize embroidery, but this still requires some human input. You will have to be comfortable using a computer, an embroidery machine as well as the software to digitize your designs.

The final outcome of the embroidery digitizing will mainly depend on the quality of the digitized file and therefore this step is absolutely crucial in the whole process of image embroidery.